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Catalyst Technologies is an Australian software company developing technology solutions to provide organisations with a smarter way to manage a crisis or incident event. CQCOmmand has been purpose in partnership with RiskLogic one of the leading dedicated providers of Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Incident Management, Crisis Communications and Cyber Consulting solutions throughout Australian and New Zealand. Catalyst Technologies’ mandate is to build the crisis leadership capabilities of management teams to improve outcomes during a crisis.


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At Catalyst Technologies, we believe that people are the essence of every organisation, the reason behind every success story. We help empower people to confidently tackle any challenge. With the right tools, training and experience we help you navigate even the worst situations, safeguarding what’s important to you. It is our way of helping you build
‘A Resilient Future’.


Confidence when it matters.

Catalyst Technologies’ solutions are recognised by industry and regulators alike as being amongst the best available. Our software have been tried and tested during real crisis situations, equipping our clients with the experience, capabilities and tools to confidently continue operations and minimise impacts. We also help our clients outperform the market in the areas of regulatory audit, best practice, supply chain reviews and ISO22301 certification.

CQ Philosophy

Catalyst Technologies’ mandate is to build the crisis leadership capabilities of management teams to improve outcomes during a crisis. We call this crisis intelligence (CQ).

Crisis intelligence is about developing crisis leadership skills and enhancing decision making under pressure. It’s also about embedding robust strategies and supporting tools into an organisation’s culture. Crisis intelligence is an integrated process that considers people, systems and infrastructure to provide a holistic crisis management and response capability. Unfortunately, most organisations today are under prepared for tomorrow’s crisis. This lack of crisis readiness is evident across most sectors of the economy and undermines the stability of many organisations. It presents significant risk to an entity’s reputation, market share, financial stability and regulatory compliance.

Building crisis intelligence at the highest levels of an organisation is therefore essential for effective management of a significant incident and providing assurance to internal and external stakeholders alike. Today, stakeholders expect organisations to be prepared for any eventuality; being crisis ready is now a commercial necessity.

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