CQCommand Release “Switch to Digital.” Campaign

Today, RiskLogic, the creators of CQCommand, released their new campaign “Switch to Digital.”, aimed at business leaders and resilience professionals. The campaign highlights the benefits of utilising innovative technology products to increase organisational resilience in the modern landscape. It focuses primarily on the current digital era, where organisations are expected to immediately respond to an event and access critical information during a disruption, anywhere, anytime.

The frequency, scale and unpredictability of crisis events is increasing. Whether an organisation is hit by a cyber-attack or a natural disaster, how the event is managed will have a direct impact on employees and customers, brand and reputation, regulatory compliance and financial stability. To minimise the disruption, it is critical to have the capabilities to respond quickly, access essential information and communicate effectively under pressure. In today’s digital landscape, leading organisations are leveraging technology to enable their leadership teams, business continuity, crisis management and emergency management professionals to make faster and better decisions when faced with a disruptive event.

Organisations that lag behind with technology adoption find themselves struggling to stay relevant, and in the case of crisis situations, struggle to quickly and effectively respond to an ever evolving landscape.. The truth is, no matter how comfortable organisations are with the shift towards technology, people are embracing the digital era and no one can afford to be left behind. The combination of mobile technology and the public’s compulsion to share real-time news has shifted the landscape of crisis and emergency management.

Modern technology not only enables proactive crisis preparation, but also allows organisations to better communicate with key stakeholders, simultaneously manage crisis impacts and get a handle on fast spreading media stories. With the right tools, organisations are better equipped to deal with tomorrow’s crisis.  Start the Switch to Digital today to future-proof your resilience capabilities.

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