CQPandemic – Rapid Pandemic Response

Coronavirus Pandemic Response

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak is increasing in intensity and showing signs of impacting Australia and New Zealand heavily over the remainder of 2020. This period of time will create new challenges that many organisation’s have not yet experienced including staff and supply chain shortages.

To assist organisations stand up and rapidly embed a Pandemic Response, Catalyst Technologies have developed CQPandemic.

CQPandemic, a module of our award-winning online crisis management system CQ, provides pandemic focussed action plans and resources to amplify your COVID-19 Pandemic response and preparations. Use CQPandemic for a complete, quick and effective COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic response. All templates can be tailored and ready to go within 48 hours*.

CQPandemic Resources and Templates


As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic continues to unfold, organisations are under pressure to quickly activate their COVID-19 pandemic plan.

To simplify the response activation, Catalyst Technologies has created a pre-populated pandemic response plan module. Each action plan contains a set of immediate, ongoing and post pandemic tasks which can quickly be assigned to specific team members. You will have full visibility of the task progress status on the action central plan dashboard.

Pandemic Action Plan
COVID-19 Information Management


With COVID-19 anticipated to impact organisations throughout the remainder of the year, information management for this long range event is critical.

Use digital whiteboards to centrally track facts and tasks and create a single operating picture, as social distancing takes effect.


Gain access to daily situational reports to keep on top of the latest global and local information on the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

We’ve summarised the relevant facts making it easy for you to automatically populate the collaborative whiteboards with relevant information to share with your team. All at the click of a button.

COVID-19 Pandemic response communications


With the number of COVID-19 Coronavirus cases increasing exponentially, Authorities have advised people with suspected coronavirus to self-isolate for a minimum 2 week quarantine period. Absenteeism in these cases can have a huge impact on an organisation, and maintaining open lines of communication is critical.

Using CQ, you can send two-way mass communications (SMS and email) to provide ongoing updates to staff, and stay in touch should you institute social distancing. Send broadcast messages to provide situation reports, disseminate hygiene information or poll to confirm the welfare of your stakeholders – anywhere in the world.

Activate your Pandemic Response

If your organisation would like to rapidly embed a pandemic response, contact us today.

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