Introducing CQCommand, the online crisis and incident management tool helping leadership teams proactively manage crisis events, build situational awareness and effectively communicate. CQCommand allows users to initiate a live event whether it be for a physical disaster, cyber threat or any type of incident impacting your organisation. You can select one impacted site or multiple sites depending on the scale of disruption.

Faster response in a crisis with the right tools instantly accessible at your fingertips.

Real-time communications disseminated quickly to the right people.

Dashboard and action plans tailored to your organisation’s crisis needs.

24/7 online, phone and email support provided by RiskLogic’s specialist team.

Secure and highly-available hosting in Australian Tier 4 data centres.

Flexible packages giving you full control of your program and usage.




Each event will populate an event specific dashboard which can be customised for the different roles within teams to provide quick access to critical event information. It shows the completed incident severity ratings, event duration and impact ratings. It also provides a visual map of the impacted sites and the activated command centres for this event.


The configurable incident assessment tool provides structure to help determine the extent of impact to areas such as people, infrastructure, operations and possible damage to your brand. Once a user determines a crisis is to be declared, response teams can be activated.


The Event name, event details and incident severity will carry across into the Activate team communication screen. Users can use a predefined communications template to create a new message, edit as required and select response teams to activate. If the escalate option is selected, the message will be sent to primary role holders first, and if not answered within 3 minutes, automatically sent to the secondary role holders. If burst is selected, a message will go to both primary and secondary roles together.


The Command Centre page allows users to see which teams have been allocated to what command centres and access further details about the site representatives and locations. If circumstances change a command centre can be changed and the team notified of the update.


Action plans in the system are entirely configurable and allow team members to manage and track their tasks relating to their specific responsibilities. Categories are predefined for each event but can be tailored or added to as required. Each action plan contains a set of immediate, ongoing and post crisis task lists. When tasks are completed the system keeps a full audit trail of who completed the task and at what time. Tasks can also be deleted, edited or added to and a progress summary for each strategy can be accessed by clicking on Action Plan.


The configurable impact assessment tool enables teams to determine the potential impact of the situation either now or in the future if left unresolved. This is an important step for teams to provide strong justification for decision making. To create a time stamped Business Impact Assessment Summary, select the impact ratings aligned with your custom impact categories and definitions.



There are three white boards to record Facts, Assumptions and event specific tasks. The fact board is used to record confirmed information and the assumption board is used to record unconfirmed information. Assumptions, when proven, can then be changed to the fact board.

The status board allows users to create tasks specifically relating to the event that require follow up and monitoring. Simply create an action, allocate to the individual and set a due date and time. The status can be tracked as required and the allocated person will receive an email/SMS to notify them of the allocated task.


Messages from CQCommand can be sent using the notify conacts sections. Users can create a heading, select a preconfigured communication template if desired and add further text before selecting whether the message goes out via email, SMS or both. If Free text is selected, recipients can reply to the message, like any normal SMS or email, and the response will be captured in the message log.


All messages sent from CQCommand are stored in the message log where the responses for free text messages can easily be viewed. By selecteing the recipient, or recipients, users can resend messages, reply or create new with all their details carried across to create a communication chain. Messages can also be filtered to drill down on specific details that are important and Yes/No responses can be viewed and sorted by clicking view responses.

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